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This website is maintained by Sri Guru Granth Sahib Foundation, Anaheim ( California ), a non-profit charitable organization, whose objectives include :


  1. To interpret the basic philosophy/theology of Sikhism enunciated in the original writings of Guru Nanak and the succeeding Gurus;
  2. To study the history of the development of Sikh religious thought, society, traditions and policy and to bring out the contribution of Sikhism towards advancement of universal religious thought and human welfare;
  3. To prepare and publish suitable literature on the above aspects and to disseminate information on Sikhism through common media, meetings, seminars, talks, discussions, etc.
  4. To watch and to counter any attempts to misinterpret Sikhism, or any hostile propaganda against religious philosophy, doctrines, traditions and history of Sikhs or Sikh way of life.
  5. Promotion of Sikh doctrines and independent Sikh identity (Sikh Theology & Philosophy) in North America ;
  6. To analyze and discuss the latest advances in Sikh Studies with Sikh scholars and general Sikh population across North America ;
  7. Provide resources, tools, library books and other necessary educational material for Sikh and non-Sikh scholars & general Sikh public in North America for the advancement of Sikh Studies;
  8. The Articles, Reviews and Books do not necessary reflect the opinion or the policy of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Foundation.


This website is meant for referring to the research material for further research and not for any commercial purpose of any manner. The providers encourage the readers to buy the books from the authors' or publishers. The providers of this website are not responsible for any undesirable misuse of the material in any manner, anybody doing so is liable for action as per law.