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This Non profit service is provided in the memory or S. Daljeet Singh, S. Jagjit Singh and Justice Gurdev Singh in keeping with their self less devotion to the cause of spreading the authentic message of the Guru Garanth Sahib.

The need was felt, after the passing away of the crusader Sardar Daljeet Singh, for an on-line forum in the electronic media to further the crusade for continuing reference and interaction on global issues in Sikh Studies and the Adi Guru Granth Sahib. Sardar Daljeet Singh stressed that not only the nine successors of Guru Nanak were also pursuing the same philosophy and the same objectives; but also the creation of the Khalsa was no different from the call of Guru Nanak enunciated in his famous couplet: ‘If the game of love excites you, enter my path with your head on your palm’. Sardar Daljeet Singh emphasized that unless this unity of thought and its independent identity is accepted, there is no other way to explain the history of the Sikhs and their homeland Punjab from the sixteenth century onwards.



Dr Jasbir Singh Mann remarks that like Carlyle had rightly observed about History itself, that Sikh history too is without doubt the essence of innumerable biographies of numberless martyrs, saint-soldiers and scholars who appeared on the national & international scene again and again whenever the community faced critical situations, whether in the field of politics, religions or plain social or cultural fields. Sikhs started migrating to North America as early as 1890. They initially went through a struggle of existence, identity and faced difficulties in spreading the authentic message of Sikhism and its history.

Now, Sikhism has become the world’s fifth largest religion. Sikh studies are currently going on world wide and there is a need to encourage the sharing of the authentic message of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, not only to help those who are unwittingly unfortunate to miss the message themselves, but also to dissuade those who misrepresent and misinterpret Sikhism by ideological and political blinkers along with missionary paradigms. It was this ongoing process with the late Sardar Daljeet Singh and his distinguished colleagues, the late Justice Gurdev Singh, Dr Kuldip Singh, S. Jagjit Singh, Dr Kharak Singh, Prof. Gurtej Singh, Maj. General Gurbakhsh Singh, Sardarni Baljeet Kaur Gill, Dr Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon, Gurdev Singh Brar, Dr. G.S. Mansukhani, Dr Surinder S. Sodhi, Dr. Sukhmander Singh, Dr. Ranbir S Sandhu, Dr. Hakam Singh, Dr. I.J. Singh, Dr. Gurmel S Sidhu, Dr. Balkar Singh, Dr. Gurnam Kaur, Dr. Avtar Singh, Dr. Madanjit Kaur, Dr. Harnam S Shan, Dr. Balwant S Dhillon, Dr. Darshan Singh, Prof. Pritam Singh, Indrajit Singh, Attorney Iqbal S Sara, Dr. H.S. Saraon, Dr. Gurinder S Grewal, Col. Parminder Singh, Dr. Sangat Singh, Dr. Noel King, Dr.James Lewis Dr. Gurnek Singh, Dr. Jodh Singh, Dr. Gurbaksh Singh Gill, Pal Singh Purewal, Dr. Himadri Banerjee, Dr. Surinder Singh Kohli, Dr. Surjit Singh, Dr. Tirlochan Singh, Dr. Kamaljeet Kaur, Dr. Bhagat Singh, Dr. Amar Singh Dhaliwal, Dr. Sarjit Singh, Dr. Sulakhan S Mann, Dr H.S.Dalgeer,Dr. Kirpal Singh, S. Narindar Singh, Justice Choor Singh, Pritpal Singh Bindra and many others whose names appear in the authors list across the Globe, were called upon to face, in spite of the gulf between the resources of the two sides, and they successfully met this onslaught on the Sikh way of life through vast literature in the form of books, articles, reviews and by holding international Conferences.

No understanding of Sikhism and its history can be rational or authentic, until the study includes the Guru Granth Sahib and the history of the Guru period. Otherwise uni-dimensional studies cannot obviously be objective and valid. The Sikh community welcomes all scholars doing genuine research and will provide them with a vast array of resources. All the authors felt that authentic Sikhism must be shared with all host societies in this world, and if such an effort is not made now then there can be many deleterious effects in future such as :

•  There will be tremendous socio-psychological repercussions in the understanding of Sikh religion by the future generations, especially those born outside of India ,

•  The Western world will have a lopsided view of Sikhism

•  There will be erosion in the Doctrinal base of Sikhism as enshrined in SGGS

•  It will reflect a failure of Sikh custodians and academicians to fulfill their moral duty

We are thankful to all the authors who joined us in this serious and gigantic effort to educate the world community, Students & Scholars to re-think the fundamentals of modern sciences within the framework of Sikhism. It is our hope that our effort to compile this non-profit website will help the Sikhs to enlighten the richness of their heritage, for outsiders it will provide a better understanding and will attempt to bridge all gaps.